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Medicare Cost Reports – home health cost report and hospice cost reports

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How can Paisley & Elm Untangle your Medicare Cost Report:

  1. Rejections are close to 10% of all filed cost reports – Paisley & Elm has never had a rejected cost report in 27 years.
  2. A large percentage of filed cost reports are inaccurate – Paisley & Elm completes continuing education on cost report preparation to insure the accuracy of the reports.
  3. Most cost reports filed use incorrect data – Paisley & Elm reviews the information to isolate any inconsistencies.
  4. Bad decisions can be made by Management on incorrect cost report data – At Paisley & Elm part of the process is to identify errors in the data.
  5. Future rates are set on Filed Medicare Cost Report Data – Paisley & Elm reviews the cost report to make sure that all allowable Medicare costs are included accurately in the cost data.

Outsource your Medicare Cost Reporting to Paisley & Elm. Due Date: Medicare Cost Reports are due 5 months after the end of the fiscal period, or the cut off period determined by the MAC for Change of Ownership or for a Terminated Provider. Purpose of Report: The Hospice Medicare Cost Report is designed to report to Medicare the allowable Medicare cost per day in the geographic area (MSA) of the provider . With this information Medicare can determine the cost to deliver Hospice Services in a geographic area by the average number of days. Medicare the uses this information for adjusting the National rate with the wage index information from the reports in specific MSA areas. Type of Report: The Medicare Cost Report for Hospice Care is the 1984-14. For Cost Reporting periods beginning on or after October 1, 2014, freestanding Hospice Agencies cannot file their cost reports using form CMS 1984-99 and will be required to use the Form CMS 1984-14. New Forms: • S-2 • A-1 • A-2 • A-3 • A-4 • C • F • F-1 • F-2 Changes to Forms: • S • S-1 • A • B -1 • B-2 Count on a firm that has filed thousands of Medicare Cost Reports to assist your agency on the new forms and changes to the existing forms. Call us today. Capitation Reports – Assist Clients in preparing the Self Determination of Cap Limitation Report due to Medicare. Overpayment Plans – Once a client is over the aggregate cap limit, we assist them in preparing an extended repayment schedule for Medicare Hospice.


Paisley & Elm, LLC has over 27 years of Experience filing Medicare Hospice Cost Reports. Approximately 3,000 Medicare Cost Reports have been filed and accepted by the different MACs over the 27 year period, without any Cost Report Rejections from the Medicare Cost Report Audit Department.

Relevant Issues

Information gained through the Analysis of the Hospice Medicare Cost Report #1984-14

  • Interim Capitation limits and payments from PS&R Report
  • Average Cost Per Diem
  • Cost per Day versus Revenue Per Day

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